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Hi! I'm Danielle Nicole Enright, the heart and soul behind the celebrated jewelry brand ABRAU, cherished by celebrities, wardrobe stylists and women all over the world. But my creative journey doesn't stop at shimmering accessories—I've decided to take my passion for beauty and design into the world of interior design and DIY projects. Here on my blog, I dive into the intricacies of crafting spaces and home decor that are as functional as they are creative, while throwing in some of my own inspiration, recipes and daily fashion. I'm thrilled to guide you through my creative process with my personal insights, DIY step-by-step instructions and even my failures (there have been a few). Hopefully, by making over my spaces and trying new DIY's I will entertain and inspire you enough to try something new. I aim to empower you to bring my ideas into your own home, crafting a narrative that's as compelling and distinctive as yourselves. So join me; let's make every corner of our lives fun and inspiring!

Danielle Nicole Enright


Patsy Conder with Daughters - Danielle Enright decorating Easter egg Tree

Design is in my blood. From a very small child, I watched my mother design and DIY our childhood home.  I remember she found great joy in decorating, cooking and making our lives feel magical.  I still have many of her ceramic pieces that she made for me and I have fond memories of how my mom decorated for the holidays. She was also known as having amazing taste in fashion and I guess that you could say that I love all of those things as well. I love doting on my family the same way that my mom did and I love making every holiday magical with DIY Home Decor and Decorating. I hope to inspire and encourage others to try new things, as I've found so many things that I never realized that I love doing and I always learn something new about myself in the process.  In 2016, I didn't even know how to run a lawn mower, and power tools seemed intimidating.  But, after I met my current husband, he encouraged me to try and I'm happy that I took that chance! We are now completely renovating our 80s colonial and it turns out that I love using power tools and making things beyond jewelry. I hope to inspire everyone who reads this to know that YOU are capable of doing anything that you want to do.

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