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Unveiling the Magic: Our Heartfelt Journey to Magnolia in Waco, TX

Updated: Apr 2

Welcome, design enthusiasts and adventure seekers! Today, we embark on a heartfelt adventure to the magical world of Magnolia, nestled in the heart of Waco, Texas.

Magnolia Sign in Waco TX

For those of you who don't know me personally, my life was never smooth-sailing. In 2015, I was a single divorcee x 2 and was struggling with what seemed to be a brand new dating game where "ghosting" was an actual thing and apparently no one liked to make phone calls anymore. My dating stories were nightmarish and I empathize with anyone going through this currently.

As I sat alone in a house that I couldn't afford and was literally falling down around me, missing my kids who I suddenly only had 50% of the time, crying in my cheerios and having flashbacks of the men who ghosted me, I started binge-watching the show Fixer Upper. As I watched, I started holding onto a strong hope that the kind of playful, hard-working, faith-based relationship that I witnessed between Chip and Joanna Gaines was still a possibility for me in 2015.

From that moment on, I bid adieu to dating altogether and started focusing on growing my business Abrau Jewelry I also started praying that I would meet my "Chip" when the time was right. About 8 months later, I experienced a "Magnolia miracle" and I finally met the man that I prayed for; Dan Enright. As I write this blog entry, I'm struck by this full circle moment and God's wink, as Dan and I are currently renovating our home together, the same one that was falling apart and Dan (the male version of my own name and also my own father's name) has all of the qualities that I prayed for that Chip possesses; humor, handy, faithful. I feel like in so many ways, learning to DIY and renovate with Dan has been the best therapy that I never knew that I needed and we are currently rebuilding the house that built me.

So, now that you have a little backstory, fast forward to 2023. My veteran husband was sent to Texas for the Vermont Air National Guard and right in the middle of our renovations and after weeks and weeks of my daughter and I missing him like crazy and my becoming really ill (another day, another blog post), when my husband asked us to visit him in Texas, I jumped at the chance! My daughter and I got on a plane and flew down to stay in Dallas and from there, we planned our weekend getaway to Magnolia. Click the below photo to watch:

photo of dad in military uniform hugging his daughter

Join us as we explore this extraordinary destination that has captivated the imagination of interior design enthusiasts, inspired countless homes across the globe and has allowed me to immerse myself in a world of interior design while creating cherished memories with my husband and our daughter, Olivia Rose.

Where we stayed:

I really wanted to stay in one of Chip and Jo's units that was renovated on the shows, but they were all booked out way in advance. If you're considering visiting Magnolia and you want to stay in one of their rentals, I highly suggest not waiting until the last minute like I did.

Luckily, we were able to book our stay at the Pivovar, the only 4-star hotel in this area, and literally a short walk or roll, in my daughter's case, away to the Magnolia entrance. The Pivovar was AMAZING and far surpassed all of our expectations! The rooms were more like studio apartments and the bathroom even had a copper soaking tub that I took complete advantage of! It's family owned and operated and everyone at the front desk was so friendly, helpful and welcoming. Even though I heard that Chip and Jo are now building their own hotel right on the Magnolia compound, I wouldn't hesitate to make reservations at the Pivovar.

1. Setting Foot on Hallowed Ground: From the moment you step onto the grounds of Magnolia, you can feel the air crackling with inspiration. This once tiny shop, blossoming into a design empire, has become an oasis for those seeking the perfect blend of modern sophistication and rustic charm.

2. What I Wore:

We didn't have perfect weather during our visit, however, if I'm going to go somewhere I do put thought into my outfits and despite the drizzle, I opted for a "casual-cool" sort of vibe - you know, just in case I bumped into Joanna I wouldn't think back and regret my fashion choice ;) More importantly, I needed to be comfortable because I knew that we'd be doing a lot of walking so this is what I came up with and I don't regret it:

collage of women fashion items: black handbag, suede like jacket, umbrella, gold hoop earrings, back t-shirt and white sneakers

3. The Magnolia Silos: Prepare to feast your eyes on the awe-inspiring Magnolia Silos that dominate the landscape, sending your heart racing with excitement. Here, the worlds of design, shopping, and creativity collide, offering a sensory adventure like no other. Explore the carefully curated marketplace showcasing unique home decor, statement pieces, and an abundance of design inspiration.

4. Magnolia Market: Indulge your senses with a visit to the renowned Magnolia Market. This flagship store, housed in a historic grain mill, will transport you to a world of elegance and refinement. Beautifully designed spaces unveil a range of carefully selected products destined to elevate your home's aesthetic. From statement furniture pieces to intricate textiles, every corner of Magnolia Market invites you to embrace the magic of interior design.

5. The Garden at the Silos: Venture beyond the marketplace into the serene beauty of The Garden at the Silos. With its lush greenery, blooming flowers, and charming seating areas, this botanical sanctuary invites tranquility and serenity. Allow the ambiance to inspire your journey to design nirvana.

6. Chip and Joanna's Design Inspiration: No discussion about Magnolia would be complete without recognizing the visionaries behind it all, Chip and Joanna Gaines. Their magnetic personalities and passion for design have captivated millions, inspiring them to infuse their own homes with warmth, functionality, and timeless beauty. Every square inch of Magnolia had little messages of their design philosophy, their signature styles, and it was obvious upon entering the town of Waco that their creative genius has not only touched the hearts of many around the world, but they alone were able to change the entire town of Waco's economy.

7. The Magnolia Effect: Discover the captivating influence of Magnolia on the world of interiors. From HGTV shows to best-selling books, explore how the Magnolia brand has ignited a design revolution. Dive into the impact it has had on homeowners, designers, and enthusiasts, unleashing a renewed passion for crafting stylish, inviting spaces.

If you're a huge fan of Fixer Upper and wondering if you should schedule a trip to visit Magnolia, my answer is YES! Our trip to Magnolia in Waco, TX was more than just a visit; it was a transformative experience that brought our family closer together. It reminded us of the importance of creating a home that reflects our collective dreams, passions, and love for one another. It is a haven of creativity, where dreams take shape and design aspirations come to fruition. Our trip has left an indelible mark in my heart and in my home remodeling journey. Our trip transcended mere shopping; it was an invitation for me to embrace the transformative power of design and experience firsthand the magical connection between home and the human spirit. So, venture forth and discover the inspiration that awaits at Magnolia – a tapestry of design, love, and an eternal appreciation for the beauty of home.

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