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DIY Home Decor: An Easter egg Topiary

Updated: Apr 2

woman adding easter grass standing next to egg topiary in her kitchen

Easter is just around the corner! Actually, it's in exactly 2 days and I'm late getting this tutorial out, but better late than never and ya'll can save this DIY home decor tutorial for next year's Easter Egg-stravaganza (someone please stop me with these Easter puns)! Check out the video of the process below.

What better way to celebrate with your little bunnies than by adding a touch of whimsy and color to your home with a handmade DIY egg topiary? This craft is not only adorable but also incredibly easy to create, even if you're more of an Easter bunny enthusiast than a craft connoisseur. So, gather your materials and let's hop into the joy of DIY Easter decorations!

What You'll Need:

  • A cone. I made mine by rolling up some brown paper and taping it. You can also use a styrofoam cone.

  • Craft eggs (as many as you like, but let's aim for a bountiful bunch!)

  • Paints and brushes (Easter is about colors, after all!)

  • Spanish grass (or moss)

  • A glue gun (be careful with these and don't let your littles use them)

  • A planter or a pot (the throne for your egg-straordinary creation)

Step 1: Unleash Your Inner Artist

Before we get rolling (the cone), let’s start with painting those craft eggs. Feel free to unleash your inner Picasso here. Polka dots, stripes, or maybe a tiny portrait of your pet bunny? The egg is your canvas! I chose to use hues of baby blues, lavender and dusty pink, and then I used brown paint to add specks to resemble robin's eggs, as I was trying to bring out the colors in my Aforal stems that I used on my tablescape. Let the eggs dry while you ponder whether bunnies know how fashionable they are this season and get your kids involved in the painting!

Step 2: Creating a Cone

I prefer to make cones for my DIY projects because they're the "greener" option. They are also super easy to use by taking some thick brown recycled paper or a cardboard box and rolling it up to make a cone shape and then taping it place. I wanted a tall centerpiece so it's also the best way to really customize your craft to your space. You'll want to make your cone fit snugly in the planter of your choice The cone itself doesn't have to be perfect because you're covering it anyway, but there's always the styrofoam cones that you can buy here.

Step 3: Put the cone in your planter and Start Adding those Eggs!

This is the fun part (at least it was for me). Heat up your glue gun and place those eggs wherever your want on your topiary. I placed mine staggered around going in different directions.

Step 4: The Grass is NOT always Greener..

especially when you're using Spanish's more of a brownish color, but go ahead and use green moss if you'd prefer. Stick the grass around the bottom of the topiary and in every crack to hide the cone.

using glue gun to add Spanish moss and Easter eggs to topiary

Step 5: The Final Flourish

Once your eggs are securely in place, take a step back and admire your work. You've just crafted a remarkably cute Easter egg topiary that's sure to be the centerpiece of conversation (and maybe even a few egg puns) at your Easter gathering.

blue Easter egg topiary centerpiece on dining room table with chandelier and fireplace with mantel featuring a diy easter bunny

Feeling proud! So what are you waiting for? Hop into it (Ok I'm stopping these puns now).

woman leaning against dining room table looking proud with Easter egg topiary in the background

Post-Craft Reflection

Congratulations! You've just proven that with a few craft eggs, a splash of paint, a handful of Spanish grass, a trusty glue gun, and a planter, anyone can bring a dose of Easter cheer into their home. Not only have you created a delightful decoration, but you've also made memories and possibly discovered a hidden talent for egg-topiary artistry.

So, as you bask in the glow of your Easter craft success, remember: the true magic of Easter isn't just in the chocolate and the bunnies, but in the joy of creating, sharing, and of course, crafting something egg-ceptionally cute and funny. Happy Easter crafting and Happy Easter, everyone 🐰

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