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Easter Bunny Napkin Rings: A Step-by-Step Guide to Easy DIY Home Decor

Updated: Apr 2

Table setting is an art form that combines functionality with aesthetics, turning meals into experiences. One small detail that can elevate your table decor is a napkin ring. Not just a tool to keep your napkins neatly rolled, napkin rings can add a touch of elegance or whimsy to any meal. I'm all about saving money wherever I can, so I tend to try to use what I have lying around the house to make many of my home decor pieces, such as my napkin rings. These Easter bunny napkin rings turned out so cute and it didn't take long to make 4 of them. Pottery Barn sells similar napkin rings for $34 for 4 and these cost me just under $1.00!

Napkin with Easter Bunny napkin ring, plates, faux flowers and candles

Every holiday, I like to create a new napkin ring design because they’re easy to make and I usually have something on hand to create them with.

Check them out on my Instagram reel:

Follow below to learn how I made these Easter Bunny silhouette napkin rings using wire, twine, a glue gun, and various adornments. This DIY project is simple but allows for endless creativity.

Materials Needed:

Wire, twine, wire cutters, measuring tape, ruler,

adornments and a glue gun.


1. Cut the Wire and Wrap: Begin by measuring and cutting a piece of wire about 12 inches long. You can either make the form first OR I suggest twisting the twine around the length of the wire adding a bit of glue as you go to hold the twine in place and then forming it after. See my reel above to see this in action. I made it both ways and I can tell you without any uncertainty that forming it after you wrap is about 99% faster.

2. Form the Ring: Once you've wrapped the twine around the length of the wire, form the wire around a bunny-shaped object. I used a cookie cutter. Or, print a bunny shape out and use it as a guide to manually shape your bunny. I provided the one that I used below. Trim any excess wire and glue the edges together. The seam where you glued it together will have excess glue but that’s what the adornments are for, to hide that and make it look unique and festive!

forming napkin ring around bunny cookie cutter

Download this image to your phone or computer and print to use as a guide:

Free printable bunny head shape

3. Add Your Adornments: This is where you can get creative. Think beads, small faux flowers, seashells, buttons or anything that fits your table's aesthetic. Or keep it simple by gluing a twine bow. I pulled off some leaves from a eucalyptus garland and then attached a DIY rosette that I made with some ribbon that I had. Then, one at a time, use the glue gun to attach each piece securely to the twine-wrapped base. If you're using beads, you might want to thread them onto the twine as you wrap it around the wire base.

4. Let it Dry: Allow your creation to dry completely, ensuring all adornments are securely attached.

5. Dress Your Table: Once dry, your new napkin rings are ready to be showcased. Roll up your napkins, slide them into the rings, and enjoy the personalized touch they add to your Easter or spring table.

These napkins rings can also be placed on the plate like this:

napkin on plate with twine bunny silhouette

Or, tie it onto an Easter basket with a label for your child like this:

easter bunny craft on kids easter basket

Creating your own napkin rings is not just a fun crafty endeavor to do with your kids, but a wonderful opportunity to express your personal style and add a bespoke element to your table settings. Whether you opt for simplicity or extravagance, the effort put into these handmade accessories will not go unnoticed.

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